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Meet the new baby hippo born at Aquila

There is once again new life at Aquila. After the December rhino births at Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa, and the recent wildlife releases onto the 10 000 hectare Big 5 conservancy, the reserve once again celebrates - this time the arrival of a new hippopotamus.

The Anti-Poaching Unit and conservationists discovered the new baby hippo on Saturday morning (10 March 2018). The baby calf will be monitored and the gender might not be known for some time. 

Baby hippos are born under water and weigh between 25 and 50kg. According to head ranger, Memory Khumalo, “the average lifespan of hippos are 36 to 40 years. Female calves are introduced to the pod almost immediately after birth, while males are only introduced up to about 3 months. For about 18 months the calf stays in water and suckling both under water and on land”.

Aquila believes this birth is an important contribution to the worldwide conservation and understanding of these amazing creatures. "We hope guests will see this adorable hippo calf on their Big 5 safari and be inspired to take action to protect them in the wild,” said Khumalo.

Aquila is a Big 5 safari and spa destination, under two hours drive from Cape Town. The hippos celebrating in the water, links beautifully with the reserves current water wise rehydration campaign - inviting guests to enjoy a responsible and guilt free shower, swim and spa experience, as the current Cape Town water crisis will not impact on guests’ Aquila visit.

For further information, contact the Aquila marketing office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or +27 (0)21 430 7260