Salah Prayer Room

The Salah Prayer Room at Aquila Private Game Reserve

One standout in Cape Town’s Halal tourism scene is the Aquila Private Game Reserve. This renowned safari destination has not only captured the hearts of adventure enthusiasts but also garnered international recognition for its dedication to Halal-friendly services. Think Halal meals, prayer facilities, and family-friendly outdoor adventures — all wrapped up in a stunning Big 5 safari experience!

The Salah Prayer Room

The Salah Prayer Room at Aquila Game Reserve in Cape Town, South Africa, provides a dedicated space for our Muslim safari guests to privately and respectfully engage in daily prayers and observances. This thoughtfully designed, on-site prayer room offers a peaceful and tranquil environment for visitors seeking a tranquil and clean space to practise salat.

Upgraded Prayer Facilities

Having always embraced Halaal travellers, Aquila recently upgraded our on-site muslim prayer facility. Equipped with ablution facilities, basin and water-friendly services, prayer mats, the Quran, and seating for the elderly, the Salah prayer room provides a serene and comfortable environment for muslim guests to observe daily prayers.

Halal Amenities at Aquila

  • Prayer direction marked in each room
  • Bidet or Jet in the lodge washroom
  • Prayer room located on the premises
  • No adult TV channels in the room
  • No nightclub on the premises
  • Not part of a gambling resort
  • Prayer mat available in the lodge
  • No pork served in the reserve
  • Lodge serves Halal food
  • Lodge serves Vegetarian food

Aquila Receives Prestigious Halal in Tourism Award

Aquila Private Game Reserve, a renowned Cape Town Big 5 safari lodge, South Africa, has been honoured with the esteemed Halal In Tourism award for “Best Muslim-Friendly Game Reserve” in 2023. 

Halaal-Friendly Cape Town Safari

Aquila isn’t just about spotting lions and elephants in the African wild. The reserve goes above and beyond to cater to its Muslim guests. Accredited with a rating of ‘5’ by CrescentRating, the safari lodge provides Muslim-friendly facilities and services to meet Muslim guests’ faith-based needs.