Junior Ranger Programme

Become A Junior Ranger

Calling all young adventurers and junior safari guests! Aquila’s Junior Ranger Programme is an exciting opportunity for children (ages 4 to 12) to discover the wonders of South Africa’s Karoo wilderness, under 2 hours from Cape Town.

Led by experienced safari guides, this interactive outdoor experience (available at check-in for R250 per child) will teach your little explorer about the amazing animals that call Aquila home, as well as the importance of conservation. From learning to track lion spoor and elephant dung, to learning about native trees and the secrets of the reserve, children will have an exciting time finding animals, making new friends, and creating memories on this educational journey into the wild.

Junior Rangers

What’s Included in Aquila’s Junior Ranger Programme?

Children Are The Future Of Conservation

With a variety of fun and hands-on activities offered daily, our junior ranger programme fosters a unique appreciation for the natural world. From the smallest of insects to the mightiest of lions, the programme aims to inspire young hearts and minds with a newfound love and respect for South Africa’s endangered wildlife.

From tracking animals to learning about their habitats, your child will gain valuable insight into Aquila’s wildlife conservation efforts. They’ll learn about the importance of protecting wild animals, discover the incredible and unique biodiversity of South Africa, and they’ll even get the chance to make their own rock art in the style of the ancient Khoi San people. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Junior Rangers will also get to participate in a variety of other activities, including fire making, animal tracking, animal identification, and tree planting.

Learn to Track Animal Spoor

One of the coolest parts of being a junior ranger is learning the secrets of the bushveld! Learn how to identify animal tracks, track animal spoor, and uncover the secrets of their behaviour in the wild.

Learn to Identify Animal Droppings

One way to track animals you might not even see is by examining their droppings, also called “scat”. By looking at the size, shape, colour, and contents, you can become a scat detective and identify which animals are living at Aquila!

Learn about Conservation & Wildlife

Your youngest adventurers can learn about the different animals that live in Aquila, from lions and elephants, zebras and giraffes, to native insects and over 150 different species of birds.

Make Friends and Create Memories

The programme brings together children who share a love for wildlife and adventure. Through group activities and game drives, your child will have the chance to meet new friends and swap stories.

Discover the History of the Karoo

The programme teaches children about the ancient Khoi San people who lived in the area, including their famous rock art (made from ochre found in the reserve), their daily life, and how they interacted with wildlife and the natural Karoo environment.

Identify Plants, Rocks and Trees

For older children, the Junior Ranger Programme also covers the geology of the region, explaining how the landscape was formed and how plants adapted to the climate. Discover the intricate world of plants, rocks and trees in the semi-arid Karoo.

Learn, Explore & Have Fun

A Unique Outdoor Experience For Kids

Aquila Private Game Reserve welcomes guests of all ages on a Big 5 African safari adventure. Younger overnight guests are also invited to join Aquila’s Junior Ranger Programme, available for children aged 4-12 years old. To prepare your child for the Junior Ranger Programme, please make sure they have comfortable clothes, a water bottle, closed shoes, a sun hat, and sufficient sunblock lotion.

 The programme is available at check-in and can be purchased for R250 per child.