25 Years of Cape Town Safaris

Aquila Private Game Reserve Celebrates 25 Years of Cape Town Safaris

Cape Town, 26 January 2024

We are incredibly excited to announce that, in September 2024, we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa. What started as a vision and dream by Searl Derman back in 1999, has evolved into a globally recognised brand and leading name in wildlife conservation. 

Over the past two and a half decades, Aquila has had the honour of hosting countless safari guests, ranging from everyday adventurers to international icons like Rihanna, Paris Hilton, and Mariah Carey. We’ve come a long way since 1999. Attached, we’ve provided a glimpse into the humble beginnings of our reserve’s incredible story — the main lodge building at Aquila Private Game Reserve and spa.

Celebrating 25 Years of Cape Town Safaris

Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa has become synonymous with Big Five Cape Town Safari Tours, offering a unique blend of luxury, conservation, and wildlife adventure close to the city. As we reflect on a quarter-century of conservation and service excellence, we’re reminded of the passion and dedication that has shaped Aquila into the iconic Cape Town safari destination it is today.

Africa’s colonisation history saw a devastating impact on the Western Cape’s native flora and fauna. Human settlements, farming, and inhumane trophy hunting led to the extinction the Cape Lion, as well as a concerning decline in native animal species across the region. However, over the years, Aquila’s tireless work has seen a remarkable impact on the recovery of native animal and plant populations, from the smallest of birds to the mightiest of elephants.

Aquila oversaw the reintroduction of the first rhino back into the Western Cape after more than 250 years. The reserve’s ongoing efforts to protect the endangered Cape Mountain Leopard population, as well as our ongoing goal of establishing the closest relative to the Cape Lion, are only small facets of our conversation initiatives.

What Sets Aquila Apart:

  • Wildlife Conservation: At the core of Aquila Private Game Reserve lies an unyielding commitment to protecting and preserving South Africa’s wildlife heritage. Through education, conservation initiatives, and leading the war against poaching, our dedicated team of wildlife experts and industry specialists work tirelessly to protect and conserve the Western Cape’s native flora and fauna.

  • Luxurious Accommodations: Situated amidst the vast and stunning Karoo landscape, our variety of accommodation options provide overnight guests with a unique blend of rustic-luxury and traditional South African architecture. Guests can unwind in style after a big five game drive, or unwind by the infinity pool and wet bar, or simply enjoy the serenity of being surrounded by nature after a day filled with safari adventures.

  • African-Inspired Spa: Tranquila Spa offers guests a rejuvenating spa oasis in the middle of the reserve. Safari guests are invited to indulge in wellness and relaxation in the heart of the wild Karoo, and experience tranquility like never before.

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