Infinity Pool


Aquila’s infinity swimming pool is not just a scenic spot to cool off, it’s the perfect opportunity to admire the tranquillity of the reserve and enjoy the warmth of South Africa’s summer sun. With a length of 35 metres, our main lodge pool offers space for the whole family to swim, splash, and create lasting memories on your Big 5 safari adventure.

Infinity Rim-Flow

Situated next to Aquila’s restaurant and wet bar, the rim-flow feature seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape, creating a captivating connection with the African wilderness and Karoo mountains. Swim towards the endless horizon and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the reserve.

Aquila's Infinity Pool

Our pool is not just a pool, it’s a saltwater pool! Unlike traditional chlorine-treated swimming pools, our salt water infinity pool provides a more natural and gentle swimming environment, ensuring the safety of local birds, wildlife, and plants.

Aquila's Pool Bar

Enjoy drinks and speciality cocktails at Aquila’s wet bar, located next to the infinity pool and overnight restaurant.

Fun For The Whole Family

With covered poolside seating, a wet bar, and crystal clear waters beckoning you to take a plunge, Aquila’s infinity pool is fun for all ages! Enjoy a refreshing swim after your game drive and make lasting memories together with our family-friendly swimming area.