Platteland Toe: Aquila Safaris

There is a Deeper Narrative to be Discovered about Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa

Cape Town, 08 March 2024

Our Destination is Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa, known for being an experience of real Africa, real close to Cape Town. However, I believe there is a deeper narrative to be discovered.

Sean van Noordwyk, host of Platteland Toe, Visits Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa

Join the adventurous Sean van Noordwyk as he explores the hidden charms of South Africa’s rural villages, unravelling the unique essence that makes these small towns truly special. From quaint restaurants to cozy guesthouses and local attractions, Platteland Toe embarks on the ultimate detour to experience everything that makes these villages a must-visit. This week, we find ourselves at Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa, in Touws River.

Venturing just a two hours drive outside of Cape Town, we visit the Western Cape’s beloved Big Five game reserve: Aquila Safaris. Hop aboard a traditional 4×4 safari vehicle with us as we drive through the wild Karoo landscapes, sight incredible South African Wildlife, and experience breathtaking views of the country’s vast and untamed Klein Karoo region. Aquila Game Reserve truly is a place that looks like you should put on your safari hat and enjoy the adventure.

It takes a village to create a game reserve

Aquila is a beautiful community tale that has been around for 25 years. It provides employment for approximately 300 people from the Touws River community and serves as a lifeline for 4000 families in the heart of Karoo. It also significantly contributes to the thriving tourism industry.

Every day, a large number of individuals visit to witness the diverse wildlife. The members of our community who work here have the opportunity to move up the ladder, with waiters becoming managers. This serves as a crucial stepping stone towards their future endeavours, and it would not be possible without the presence of these magnificent animals.

"It is our responsibility to not only nurture and care for the animals, but also educate the people, as our wildlife is a vital part of the true African experience."

Aquila constitutes just one aspect, but there's another part dedicated to rescuing animals?

Aquila engages in extensive rescue efforts. Beyond animal rescue, we also focus on restoring indigenous trees. Among the animals we’ve saved are those previously in circuses. We nurture them back to health,

We also fostering a sense of community where everyone knows each other. Building ongoing relationships, it echoes the saying “It takes a village to raise a child,” exemplifying our collective efforts. Here, we prepare to hand over the next batch for care in South Africa.

What animals might visitors encounter during their visit?

We have a diverse collection of animals from the big five. The leopard, known for its exclusivity and independent nature, has been sighted occasionally. Alongside, we also have lions, rhinos, zebras, giraffes, springboks, eland, and gemsbok. Personally, I find the gemsbok to be the most beautiful among them.

Aquila has multiple ways to experience seeing wildlife?

They can be spotted while on horseback, but of course, not too close to the lions. For those seeking more adventure, we offer quad bike experiences. Alternatively, you can opt for the traditional method of viewing them from our vehicles.

We offer various packages. We have half-day packages that include breakfast, as well as exclusive full-day packages with breakfast and lunch included. After the safari, guests can access the spa to enjoy a massage and relax in the hot water pool.
Additionally, we offer overnight packages as well.

We provide various accommodation options, including premium, standard, and family cottages suitable for the entire family.

From 2021 to 2023, as a private game reserve, you were awarded the title of the best luxury hotel in the world?

Indeed, none of our achievements would be possible without the dedicated community and passionate individuals who work tirelessly here. They are the heart and soul of our success.

From the moment you step foot in this place, the environment exudes a genuine aura and energy, enveloping you with love and care. The delightful aroma of the fantastic food served lingers in the air, enhancing the experience. I will definitely recommend to everyone passing through the Karoo to visit Aquila.

Visit Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa

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