Curio Shop

Aquila's Curio Shop

Aquila’s Curio Shop, located near reception, sells a wide range of African souvenirs, Aquila branded apparel and locally-manufactured merchandise. Purchase a meaningful South African gift for your friends or loved ones, or shop Aquila’s Big 5 souvenirs to take a piece of your African safari home with you. All our products are proudly manufactured in South Africa, supporting local communities and independent projects.

For guests’ convenience, sunblock, batteries, and basic essentials are sold at the reserve. Don’t forget to browse our selection of local snacks and South African refreshments. Try some of Cape Town’s favourite candy, chips, and ice cream treats on sale at our curio shop.

Aquila Branded Apparel

Dress the whole family for an African safari with Aquila’s branded apparel and custom safari gear. Aquila’s store offers a unique variety of clothing and locally-made items, proudly showcasing the iconic Aquila logo. From t-shirts and caps to beanies and jackets, our collection has something for every style and season. Shop Aquila’s branded gear to share your authentic African safari experience and showcase your South African style to your loved ones back home. With our range of high-quality, locally-made apparel, take the spirit of your Big 5 safari wherever you go!

African Souvenirs and Local Merchandise

Aquila’s curio shop offers guests the opportunity to purchase authentic African souvenirs and local merchandise. In support of local communities and proudly South African projects, our reserve shop showcases traditional curios and locally-made souvenirs. From bushmen-inspired artistry and Zulu ceremonial items, to Ndebele pendants and Xhosa beads, visit our curio shop for unique gifts and lasting African tokens.