What To Do During Your Aquila Safari Leisure Time

We know venturing into the Karoo wilderness to see lions, rhinos, zebra, giraffe and elephants will undoubtedly be the highlight of your Aquila Big 5 Safari experience, but there’s also plenty to enjoy in between those exciting game drives. Here’s a look at all the facilities and activities available to make the most of your safari downtime at Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa.

Dive into Fun at the Infinity Pool

Take a refreshing dip in Aquila’s infinity pool, overlooking the stunning Karoo mountain valley. 35 metres long, crystal clear, and accessible to all safari guests, imagine soaking up the sun with a panoramic view of Aquila’s wild plains stretching before you.

Aquila’s Infinity Pool

Unwind & Relax at the Wet Bar

After a game drive through the wild Karoo veld, safari guests are invited to order a cold drink and enjoy light refreshments at Aquila’s Wet Bar, located next to the infinity swimming pool. With sunken bar stools, local beers and cocktails on tap, a slushy machine and ice cold beverages, the poolside bar is a great place to unwind, relax and share stories about your trip.

Enjoy the Upstairs Bar Lounge and Viewing Deck

Exclusive to overnight guests, Aquila’s upstairs bar lounge and viewing deck offers a quiet and private escape for those wishing to watch the latest sporting events, order a drink, lounge on comfortable couches, meet other guests, and enjoy panoramic views of the reserve.

Book Aquila’s Overnight Accommodation

Visit Tranquila Spa for a Luxury African Spa Treatment

Indulge in a haven of pampering at Tranquila Spa. Spoil yourself with a rejuvenating massage or a revitalising body treatment, using only the finest natural products. Spa facilities include an indoor heated pool, outdoor pool, sauna, steam room, change rooms, and individual and group treatment rooms.

Day access to the spa can be purchased for R280 p.p.

Tranquila Spa

Tranquila Spa showing a woman lying on a spa table whilst experiencing a rejuvenating facial cleansing treatment.

Junior Ranger Programme

Keep the little ones entertained and engaged with the Aquila’s Junior Ranger Programme, available for children aged 4 to 12. Through interactive activities and games, this educational programme allows children to learn about the reserve’s fascinating wildlife, identify native plants, track animal spoor, learn about the importance of conservation.

Learn more about Aquila’s Junior Ranger Programme

Two children wearing safari hats are smiling as they partake in Aquila Safari's Junior Ranger Programme

Safari Fun and Entertainment for All Ages

Aquila welcomes safari guests of all ages. With two dedicated children’s entertainment areas: Kids Adventure Zone and Indoor Play Area, our youngest explorers can have a whole jungle of fun, no matter the weather. Make new friends and check out the giant chess set, mini golf course, wooden obstacle course, toys, video games, sandpit, books, puzzles, and more!

Children’s Entertainment Area

Take a Complimentary Eco Synergy Tour

Delve deeper into Aquila’s award-winning conservation efforts with a complimentary Eco Synergy Tour. Learn about the reserve’s commitment to sustainability and its role in protecting the natural ecosystem and supporting the local community. From solar power to an innovative aquaponics system, guests can take a tour of the Eco Synergy greenhouses and see if they can sight some of the fresh-grown herbs, fruits and vegetables used in Aquila’s restaurants.

Conservation and Eco Synergy

Explore Aquila’s Lodge Facilities

Aquila offers more than just relaxation and pampering. Take advantage of your free time to explore the Curio Shop, a treasure trove of local crafts and African souvenirs. You can also connect to the complimentary Wi-Fi and share your safari adventures with friends and family back home.

Aquila’s Facilities

Planning Your Safari Leisure Time

With so much to see and do, be sure to factor in ample leisure time when planning your trip to Aquila safaris. Be sure to check your safari itinerary for your arrival and departure times (especially for those using a transport or shuttle service), and don’t forget to check the breakfast, lunch, and dinner times for Aquila’s overnight and day visitor restaurants.

For those staying two nights or more, please inquire at reception about your complimentary Tranquila Spa access, as well as the opportunity to swap out a traditional vehicle safari game drive for a horseback or quad bike safari tour.

Whether you crave a refreshing dip in the pool, a rejuvenating spa treatment, or an enriching Eco Synergy Tour, Aquila offers something for everyone to unwind and make the most of their Cape Town Big 5 safari experience.

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