Salah Prayer Room

Salah Prayer Room at Aquila Private Game Reserve

The Salah Prayer Room at Aquila Game Reserve in Cape Town, South Africa, provides a dedicated space for our Muslim safari guests to privately and respectfully engage in daily prayers and observances. This thoughtfully designed, on-site prayer room offers a peaceful and tranquil environment for visitors seeking a tranquil and clean space to practise salat.

Upgraded Salah Prayer Facility

Having always embraced Halaal travellers, Aquila has recently upgraded our on-site muslim prayer facilities. Equipped with ablution facilities, basin and water-friendly services, prayer mats, the Quran, and seating for the elderly, the Salah prayer room provides a serene and comfortable environment for individuals to observe daily prayers.

Aquila Receives Prestigious Halal In Tourism Award

Aquila Private Game Reserve, a renowned Cape Town Big 5 safari lodge, South Africa, has been honoured with the esteemed Halal In Tourism award for “Best Muslim-Friendly Game Reserve”.

Halaal-Friendly Cape Town Safari

Aquila Game Reserve recognises and respects the importance of religious diversity and the need for a clean and safe space for worship. Aquila’s Salah Prayer Room, halal-certified meals, and halaal-friendly facilities, is a testament to our commitment to ensuring a welcoming environment for all guests.