Halal Travel, Tourism and Safari Tours in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town’s breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich history make the city a favourite destination for travellers from all around the world — and the city is fast becoming a premier destination for Halal travel and tourism and continues to enhance its appeal and inclusivity. Whether you’re embarking on a safari adventure, savouring Halal cuisine, or exploring cultural landmarks, Cape Town promises a memorable and enriching South African experience for Muslim travellers in 2024.

Cape Town’s Commitment to Muslim Travellers

Cape Town’s growing appeal to Muslim travellers is no accident. Recently voted as the second best city in the world for 2024, the city has embraced the principles of Halal tourism, ensuring all visitors have access to halal-friendly facilities and services that align with Islamic practices. Cape Town’s vibrant Muslim community shapes its soul. From Halal-certified restaurants to a welcoming atmosphere, you’ll feel right at home in the city.

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Halal-Friendly Game Reserve and Big 5 Safari at Aquila Private Game Reserve

One standout in Cape Town’s Halal tourism scene is the Aquila Private Game Reserve. This renowned safari destination has not only captured the hearts of adventure enthusiasts but also garnered international recognition for its dedication to Halal-friendly services. Think Halal meals, prayer facilities, and family-friendly outdoor adventures — all wrapped up in a stunning Big 5 safari experience!

And, if you’re not convinced, in 2023, Aquila Private Game Reserve won the prestigious International Halal Travel Award, a testament to its exceptional efforts in providing an inclusive experience for Muslim safari-goers. Building on this success, Aquila has been nominated for the International Halal Travel Award for 2024. So stay tuned for more updates!

Halal-Friendly Amenities and Facilities at Aquila

Aquila isn’t just about spotting lions and elephants in the African wild. The reserve goes above and beyond to cater to its Muslim guests. Accredited with a rating of ‘5’ by CrescentRating, the safari lodge provides Muslim-friendly facilities and services to meet Muslim guests’ faith-based needs. Although alcohol might be served within the main lodge, alcohol can be removed from the guest’s room if booked and requested through the website. Guests can also request the removal of alcohol from accommodations when checking in.

Halal-Certified Dining

Aquila’s overnight safari lodge restaurant and day visitor centre are Muslim-friendly and serve Halal food for Muslim diners. 

Prayer Facilities

On-site prayer facilities include a Salah prayer room equipped with a basin, water-friendly services, prayer mats, the Quran, and seating for the elderly. This thoughtful inclusion allows guests to observe their daily prayers comfortably.

Nearby Mosque

For those who prefer to pray in a mosque, the Touwsriver Islamic Society — Masjidus Salaam is located just 12.2 kilometres from the reserve.

Children’s Play Area

The children’s adventure zone and indoor play area are great for families and children to enjoy their leisure time and have fun. Equipped with a mini golf course, sandpit, jungle gym and indoor games room, Aquila’s family entertainment areas are open to all safari guests.

Outdoor Pool

The outdoor infinity pool is open to all guests (mixed-gender). Guests are welcome to wear modest swimwear or simply relax on the pool lounge chairs overlooking the reserve.

Salah Prayer Room at Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa

Aquila’s Salah Prayer Room

Aquila Private Game Reserve’s Salah Prayer Room is one of the reserve’s most notable halal-friendly facilities. The prayer room is equipped with a basin, water-friendly services, prayer mats, the Quran, and seating for the elderly.

Full List of Halal-Friendly Services offered at Aquila

  • Prayer direction marked in each room
  • Bidet or Jet in the lodge washroom
  • Prayer room located on the premises
  • No adult TV channels in the room
  • No nightclub on the premises
  • Not part of a gambling resort
  • Prayer mat available in the lodge
  • No pork served in the reserve
  • Lodge serves Halal food
  • Lodge serves Vegetarian food

Halal Dining Options in Cape Town

Cape Town’s culinary scene is a feast for the senses, and Muslim travellers will be pleased to find an impressive variety of Halal-certified dining options, restaurants and eateries in and around the city. From traditional Cape Malay cuisine to international flavours, there’s something to satisfy every preference. Popular Halal dining spots include.

  • Biesmiellah: Located in the Bo-Kaap, this restaurant is famous for its authentic Cape Malay dishes.
  • Food Inn India: A favourite for those craving Indian cuisine, offering a range of Halal options.
  • Pearl Spoon: Known for its delicious breakfast and brunch menu, all Halal-certified.

Prayer Facilities and Mosques

Cape Town is home to several beautiful mosques, providing Muslim travellers with convenient locations for daily prayers. For a full list of mosque locations and halal travel information, visit Halal Tourism, South Africa.

  • Auwal Mosque: The oldest mosque in South Africa, located in the historic Bo-Kaap area.
  • Masjidul Quds: A large mosque in the suburb of Gatesville, known for its welcoming community and extensive facilities.
  • Nizamiye Mosque: An architectural marvel and the largest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere, located just outside of Cape Town.
premier lodge room with balcony view over the reserve at Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa: the best Cape Town safari and Big 5 destination

Accommodation at Aquila Safaris

The Tranquila Spa adds to the world-class facilities and services on offer. Here, visitors can enjoy a luxurious African treatment and unwind after an action-packed day. The spa boasts a heated indoor pool, outdoor pool, sauna, steam room, and ten treatment rooms; it is a masterpiece of luxury. A group or couples room adds to the special serenity of the spa and its creative use of natural elements. 

Accommodation is offered in various styles. Guests can opt for the bush-style cottages with outdoor rock showers or the modern-style Aquila Lodge with great vistas over the Reserve. Formats include rooms for two people up to accommodation for families of four, six, or eight. Accommodation includes welcome drinks, lunch, dinner, and breakfast as well as two big 5 vehicle safaris through the reserve. 

Aquila Private Game Reserve is also very involved in the community and has founded various social upliftment programmes, community development projects, animal rescue initiatives, and award-winning land conservation programmes. Included in the Aquila safari experience is a complimentary eco-synergy project tour. Here, guests learn about Aquila’s projects to offset its carbon footprint — including recycling, solar energy, aquaponics, and many other green projects.

City Tours and Sightseeing

Cape Town is a must-visit destination for muslim travellers. From stunning coastlines to picturesque mountain retreats and Big 5 safari tours, the city offers halal-friendly services and family-friendly activities that are respectful of Islamic values.

Bo-Kaap: Cape Town’s Historic Islamic Neighbourhood

A historic islamic neighbourhood, like the Bo-Kaap, has so much to see and do. With its iconic colourful houses and distinct cultural scene, it’s just one of many predominantly Muslim communities who love to welcome visitors to Cape Town.

Islamic Travel and Tours is a popular tour operator specialising in packaged tours for the Muslim and Halal Travel market. Cape Town city tours of specific muslim travel interest include: Robben Island, Cape Malay cooking classes, Bo-Kaap and Cape Flats tours, Aquila Private Game Reserve, Table Mountain, V&A Waterfront, Kirstenbosch Gardens, District Six and Iziko Museums, and Kramat Tours.

Bo-kaap, a colourful and historic muslim neighbourhood in Cape Town, South Africa

Halal-Friendly Family Activities in Cape Town

Here are a few highlights for muslim travellers visiting Cape Town and the Western Cape:

  • Table Mountain: Take the cable car to the top for stunning views of the city and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Aquila Private Game Reserve: Experience a day trip safari or stay overnight at this halal-friendly Big 5 game reserve.
  • Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden: Enjoy a peaceful day out in one of the world’s most beautiful gardens.
  • V&A Waterfront: A hub of entertainment, shopping, and dining with plenty of Halal options and family-friendly attractions.

Halal Travel Tips for Planning Your Holiday in Cape Town

  1. Research Halal-certified accommodations: Many hotels and guesthouses in Cape Town are now offering Halal-certified services and facilities. Aquila Private Game Reserve is a prime example, but there are many others to choose from.
  2. Explore Halal dining options: Cape Town’s diverse culinary scene includes a growing number of Halal-certified restaurants. Plan your meals ahead to ensure a variety of delicious dining experiences.
  3. Plan your prayer schedule Identify nearby mosques and prayer facilities to make it easier to observe your daily prayers while exploring the city.
Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. Image taken at Blouberg Beach.

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