Why May is the Secret Season for Travel in Cape Town

As South Africa prepares to shed its summer days, Cape Town’s secret travel season emerges — the month for locals to explore the city and go on adventures in May. While the summer months attract travellers from all over the world, May unveils a quieter, more intimate side of the Mother City. It’s the opportune […]

Luxury and Rejuvenation Inspired by Nature

Returning to the tranquility of nature is the secret to wellness and rejuvenation in 2024. It’s an incredible experience, surrounding oneself with the beauty of South Africa’s wilderness. Aquila’s private safari lodge sits on a 10 000 acre Karoo Big 5 reserve and, at it’s heart, Tranquila Spa is a natural spa oasis and wellness […]

Here’s Your Sneak Peek of a Cape Town Winter Safari

Cape Town is a dream destination year-round, but there’s something undeniably special about visiting in the winter months (May through October). While the rest of the world shivers at the thought of the cold season, South Africa’s Western Cape enjoys pleasant sunshine and mild temperatures, perfect for exploring the region’s natural beauty. But that’s not […]

What To Do During Your Aquila Safari Leisure Time

We know venturing into the Karoo wilderness to see lions, rhinos, zebra, giraffe and elephants will undoubtedly be the highlight of your Aquila Big 5 Safari experience, but there’s also plenty to enjoy in between those exciting game drives. Here’s a look at all the facilities and activities available to make the most of your […]

Aquila’s Big 5 Karoo Safari: All You Need to Know

Aquila Private Game Reserve is a wildlife paradise located on Cape Town’s doorstep. Bordering the region known as the Great Karoo, this 10 000 hectare conservancy is situated in the Western Cape’s unique and succulent fynbos mountain biome. Forming part of the vast and stunning Succulent Karoo Biome, one of South Africa’s three biodiversity hotspots, […]

Aquila’s Karoo Stargazing Experience

Imagine this: After an exhilarating day exploring the reserve and sighting the big 5 animals, you settle down beside a crackling campfire, serenaded by the nocturnal symphony of the Karoo wilderness. As the last rays of the sunset surrender to dusk, a breathtaking spectacle unfolds above—a million glittering diamonds splashed across a vast, remote canvas. […]

Meet The Springbok, South Africa’s National Animal


The springbok, a small and agile antelope, is South Africa’s national animal—and the symbol behind South Africa’s National Rugby team. The Springboks, also called the “Bokke” or “Amabokoboko” by locals, are charging into the France Rugby World Cup 2023 semi-finals this weekend, and it’s time to show your support. With rugby fever gripping the nation, […]

Aquila’s Rhino Conservation Milestones

Aquila Collection is proud to have reintroduced the first rhino back into the Western Cape since its human-led, local extinction 250 years ago. In February 2005, Aquila Private Game Reserve announced the birth of the first rhino calf in the region, marking a significant milestone for rhino conservation across South Africa. Unfortunately, in August 2011, […]