"I saw elephants and cried like a baby - my first safari in my life!"

"The Ultimate Cape Town Safari Experience" Goes International

Cape Town, July 06, 2023

Karolina Walczowska From Onet Travel Shares Her Aquila Big 5 Safari Experience

Join Karolina Walczowska, a renowned Polish media journalist from Onet Podróże, as she embarks on an extraordinary journey from Poland to Cape Town with Aquila Collection’s latest fam trip event: “The Ultimate Cape Town Safari Experience”, in partnership with Cany B Global Events, Travel Advance, and Turkish Airlines.

In the enchanting embrace of the African sun, Karolina and her fellow fam trip guests embarked on a breathtaking sunset game drive at Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa, just two hours from Cape Town’s city centre. Venturing deeper into the 10 000 hectare acre reserve, the international guests were greeted by an extraordinary sight—a family of elephants peacefully roaming South Africa’s Southern Karoo. This awe-inspiring encounter marked Karolina’s first-ever experience witnessing elephants in their natural habitat, evoking an overwhelming rush of emotions.

Karolina vividly recounts her previous encounter with elephants in Thailand, where she witnessed the sorrowful eyes of chained elephants exploited for tourist activities.

"— When I was in Thailand, I saw the sad eyes of chained elephants. The tourists had a great time feeding and riding them. It was scary. And these here live free. We are sitting in the car, we do not approach them. We're just watching them..."

In stark contrast, the elephants at Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa live freely, untouched by exploitation. Rescued from circuses, these majestic creatures roam the reserve’s vast expanse while visitors, filled with awe, observe them from the safety of Aquila’s off-road, open-back vehicles. Karolina’s emotional connection with these gentle giants moved her to tears, reinforcing the significance of promoting ethical and responsible wildlife encounters across the world. 

Big 5 Game Drive Just Outside The City

Aquila Collection plays a vital role in the rehabilitation, conservation, and protection of South Africa’s endangered wildlife. As the fam trip journey travelled through the reserve, Karolina and her companions were lucky to sight more wild animals, including rhinos, lions, hippos, zebras and buffalo, and more. With a variety of overnight and day-trip packages available, Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa presents an incredible opportunity for local and international guests to experience the ultimate Cape Town safari just outside of the city.

The Ultimate Cape Town Safari Experience

From May 16 to May 22, 2023, Aquila Collection, in collaboration with Cany B Global Events, Travel Advance, and Turkish Airlines, orchestrated this year’s much-anticipated “The Ultimate Cape Town Safari Experience” event. This initiative, aimed at promoting travel and tourism between Poland and South Africa (with Turkish Airlines playing a pivotal role in emphasising the convenient route between Poland and Cape Town), showcased the natural beauty and unique attractions the Mother City has to offer.