Luxury and Rejuvenation Inspired by Nature

Returning to the tranquility of nature is the secret to wellness and rejuvenation in 2024. It’s an incredible experience, surrounding oneself with the beauty of South Africa’s wilderness. Aquila’s private safari lodge sits on a 10 000 acre Karoo Big 5 reserve and, at it’s heart, Tranquila Spa is a natural spa oasis and wellness retreat located only two hours from Cape Town.

With the Great Karoo wilderness enveloping your senses, rest your muscles in the steam room, detox in the sauna, soak in the heated pool, refresh yourself with a dip in the private outdoor pool or indoor heated pool, and indulge in luxurious African spa treatments — exclusive to safari guests.

A Place of Nature and Healing

Tranquila spa is a place for your mind, body and soul to relax and unwind in nature. Surrounded by the beauty and majestic energy of South Africa’s untouched wilderness, healing and wellness are enhanced by Tranquila’s spa facilities and African-inspired, traditional spa treatments.

Drawing on the healing properties of natural and organic products, with local ingredients sourced from Cape Town and South Africa, indulge in the peaceful sounds and natural therapy of nature at Tranquila Spa. Soothe your body with the aroma and essence of Fynbos florals, Karoo lavender, Atlantic sea salt, and traditional African oils.

With twelve treatment rooms expertly designed to enhance the serenity of the Karoo mountains, framed over Aquila’s 10 000 hectare Big 5 wildlife reserve, spa guests can sight rhinos, giraffes, elephants, zebra, buffalo, and even lions during their escape. Tranquila spa transcends all luxury spa retreats, creating a physical, mental and emotional experience as you reconnect with your true self and restore your journey to wellness in the heart of nature.

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woman in a bathrobe holding a drink and sitting in Tranquila Spa, enjoying a rejuvenating wellness retreat inspired by nature and the Karoo.

Tranquila Spa: Luxury African Spa close to Cape Town

Less than two hours from Cape Town, Tranquila spa is a therapeutic and relaxing spa retreat close to the city. Overnight and day trip guests can experience traditional body rituals and full-body treatments that blend ancient African wisdoms with organic products to create serenity and tranquility in the wild.

Tranquila Spa’s unique use of texture, colour, space, and light adds to the tranquility of the reserve’s African-inspired architecture. Designed to reflect the beauty of the surrounding Karoo landscapes, seamlessly blending local and luxurious designs with the surrounding environment, Aquila’s safari spa is an immersive experience.

A vital component of Aquila’s personalised service and luxury safari experience, Tranquila Spa offers a relaxing retreat into the wild — and you don’t even have to spend all day out on safari. Day trip safari guests can book spa treatment packages for during their safari leisure time. A great way to enjoy your spa experience is to book an early morning Big 5 safari game drive and spend the rest of the day enjoying the serenity of Tranquila’s spa facilities.

Luxury Accommodation and Facilities

Aquila is an experience in luxury African hospitality. The reserve takes immense pride in service excellence and overnight accommodation options and world-class safari lodge facilities. Winner of the 2023 World Luxury Hotel Continent Award for the best private game reserve in Africa, Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa is offers a unique city retreat and luxurious spa getaway close to to Cape Town.

From Premier Luxury Cottages built in harmony with the rocky mountain slopes, to Premier lodge suites offering panoramic views of the reserve from private balcony terraces, you can extend your spa retreat and enjoy cozy nights under the Karoo stars. Imagine falling asleep to the sound of lions roaring into the night, or simply enjoying a glass of local South African wine as you watch the sun disappear over the Karoo mountain ridge.

Booking an overnight Spa retreat is to truly immerse oneself in nature. And, at your request, staff at the reserve will ensure healing and rejuvenation remains the focus of your stay. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted with refreshing welcome drinks and a buffet-style lunch prepared by our local chefs. From farm to table, enjoy fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables grown in our on-site greenhouses. Keeping nature and wellness at the essence of Tranquila Spa, enquire about the local herbs, flowers, teas, creams and oils used in the spa, harnessed from the reserve and Western Cape.

Did you know that all overnight stays at Aquila Private Game Reserve and Spa are inclusive of lunch, dinner and breakfast. Nutrition and wellness are expertly paired with the flavours of local South African cuisine and international favourites.

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