Aquila's Big 5 Heritage

Celebrate South Africa's Big 5 Heritage with Aquila Safaris

Cape Town, 21 September 2023

Heritage Day, celebrated on September 24th, is a special day that invites us to honour our roots and appreciate the unique blend of traditions, cultural tapestry, and, of course, the remarkable heritage that makes our nation truly great. 

While South African’s everywhere are cheering for the Springboks and checking weather conditions for our locally acclaimed “braai day”, we at Aquila Private Game Reserve invite you to embark on a proudly South African adventure like no other, offering you the opportunity to connect with the country’s majestic majestic Big 5 and remarkable wildlife heritage.

South Africa's Wildlife Heritage

South Africa’s wildlife heritage is world-renowned, and for good reason. Our country is home to an impressively array of iconic wildlife species, including the Big 5 – lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, and rhinos. These magnificent animals are emblematic of South Africa’s conservation efforts and natural beauty, but did you know that the big 5 animals have form an intrinsic part of many African cultures and traditional ceremonies. 

At Aquila Private Game Reserve, you have the opportunity to witness these animals up close in their natural habitat, sharing a glimpse of the Western Cape’s rich Karoo landscapes and natural beauty. Our expert guides will take you on thrilling game drives, where you can observe the Big 5 and a variety of other wildlife species up-close and in-person, from graceful giraffes and formidable hippos, to quirky ostriches and iconic zebras. Join us at Aquila Safaris for a chance to be a part of our ongoing conservation story safeguarding South Africa’s wildlife heritage for generations to come.

Conserving Africa's Wildlife Heritage

Founded as a wildlife sanctuary and natural reserve habitat close to Cape Town, Aquila Private Game Reserve reintroduced the white rhino back to the Western Cape after a 200-year regional extinction, marking Aquila’s continued commitment to wildlife conservation and education within the Cape. We believe that by understanding and appreciating our wildlife heritage, we can contribute to its preservation and existence in the modern world.