Aquila Wildlife and conservation

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Being a partner in the Western Cape tourism industry, and one of the top 10 executive partners to Cape Town Tourism, we take the crisis extremely seriously in solidarity with our Cape Town counterparts.

The Breede Valley municipal region has not been flagged as a water crisis zone as per the Cape Town Metropole situation, but we are true to the fact that we a Karoo-based property, and have since inception, treated this precious commodity with respect and sustainability.

Water crisis measures that we have undertaken at the reserve, include:

  • Clear messaging on all confirmed bookings prior to arrival to ensure guests use water sparingly during their Aquila visit.
  • We have installed in-room ‘water crisis’ notifications to give guests tips to use less water during their stay.
  • We also only replace towels at the request of the guest during an overnight stay.
  • We furthermore removed bath plugs from rooms that have both a bath and shower option – with clear notices requesting use of a two minute shower, above that of a luxurious bath.
  • Our communal areas make use of non-potable water (only when absolutely needed), and we have also installed key messaging at communal areas to make visitors aware of the water usage policies.
  • All communal gardens have been changed to remove any vegetation requiring excessive water, and succulents, which occur naturally in the Karoo, have been used throughout the property.
Further measures to reduce bulk water supply are currently being investigated.

We have recently had to do mandatory repairs to our swimming pool, and we are also glad to share that we made use of innovative water bladders at a major cost, to not waste any water. The entire 35m pool was emptied into big water bladders, and after repairs, was refilled with the very same water.

Being a Karoo property, water supply management and infrastructure is complicated and fragile. Aquila uses a mix of municipal supplied potable water, its own limited supply ground water, and non-potable water.

It is crucial to understand that, although we treat the resource with utmost respect, the municipal boundaries of the Cape Town crisis management zone does not apply to the Touws River region and Aquila.

At the most recent special council meeting of the Breede Valley Municipality, Stage One measures were approved by the district management. These measures only restrict municipal potable water usage for gardens on certain days and times.
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